i drew this a while ago to make myself feel better after i finished the game……………………………………..


i finished the game last year but i never drew it

Oh babies, you both so cute togheter.

Linked Horizon – 雛鳥[Vocalized Version]



Ah…the fledgling from that day takes flight to conquer the endless skies…

When? I believed-
When I was young, and didn’t doubt the world
Why? Because I loved-
Someone precious to me who brought me up

After kicking off from the earth, I flew into the big sky for the first time - it shook in loneliness

Black or White?
What is right? I want to make sure of it myself

Where? I was confined-
By the shell I could not break out of alone 
What? I searched-
For something firsthand that I could believe in, even if I was hurt

After departing from my hometown, I gazed upon the big sky that winds danced across - it shook with freedom 

Black or White?
Who is in the right? I want to see for myself

-what I understood was
Justice overflows in this world, and people at odds with each other just repeat conflicts

[White] or [Black]…two yet one…you can’t just divide everything according to that…
But even in this gray world, I thought that I’d want to go down the path I believe in! 

Black or White?
No matter how long the nights may be, do not give up
Black and White    I am giving my all to live in the moment
We just want to protect this world, so we’ll gather our courage and fight!

The fledgling from that day takes flight to conquer the endless skies
With the wind at her side, she can head towards the yet unseen horizon…


drawing from earlier that i kinda like i guess ??


dang bruh